How to Celebrate


Show your true colours and wear BLUE in support of National Child Day. Make it a community or team building event by encouraging your friends and colleagues to join in. Share a  NCD message by downloading a blank sign , be creative and tell us what children’s rights means to you!

Share your photo on your website, social channels and with @NatlChildDay and tag it with #NationalChildDay #childrenhaverights
Make sure you are following @NatlChildDay on Twitter! We’ll be sharing NCD facts, ideas and info in 20 Tweets in 20 Days starting on the Nov 1st leading up to the 20th. Retweet and share!



Share the National Child Day message on your website or in your newsletter:

Celebrate National Child Day and children’s rights on November 20!
National Child Day is celebrated on November 20th and reaffirms our country’s commitment to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC.) The CRC outlines our responsibility in keeping our children safe, healthy and engaged.  By celebrating National Child Day you are raising awareness of the rights of children in Alberta, and contributing to a healthy environment where children can grow and prosper with adequate resources.

Please visit to learn more about National Child Day, access planning resources and find events happening in the community.